Lynn Luong - Top of Obeservation Point ZionI am currently based in New York. I focus on intuitive end-user experiences and digital marketing strategies that provides impactful results. I enjoy finding ways to connect, research and implement ways to build relationships and consume anything digitally.



I believe that communication and crowdsourcing, maximizes productivity. Everyone has ideas, some are bad, some are great. I seek for the in-betweens and always focus on the objectives.



When things get complicated, being able to think quickly or being challenged is the great way to continue to explore the creative options.




I have always been intrigued by learning the basics of a concept in order to provide the best outcomes.



Being able to work independently has it advantages, but working with a team is opportunity. I like to support who I work with because encouragement allows confidence.






My Foundation

I created my undergraduate degree combining my studies of marketing, fine arts and web-programming. I successfully graduated with a special major I independently designed: Digital Media: Communication and Business Applications. Request a copy of my resume.