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As simple as $5000

Sharing has been such a powerful tool. It’s so powerful that one who simply does the sharing does not realize the outreach it has reached. Once one person shares it on their social network, whether it could be twitter, instagram or facebook, their entire network has a good chance of seeing that shared piece of content. Content that has been verified through a trusted source that is now shared on your newsfeed. The power of sharing is incredible.

December is one of the highest traffic and revenue months. Because of this increase, I explored other tools AddThis to offer. This time is the opportunity for any business or organization. During this December, I knew this was the time to maximize the chance to reach every visitor to the site. Whether they saw an ad, read an article, got an email or just came directly – the main reason why people were visiting the site was to complete a transaction. With this opportunity, I activated a pop-up window to make sure it was in the user’s face. It was a simple question with a yes or no button. It took over any other content and directed them right to the web form. This was to make sure their experience on the website was as quick, seamless and painless as possible. I activated the window for 2 days. And within 2 days, the pop-up window help generate almost $5000. Talk about a click of a button.

Read my interview with Shannon from AddThis on how this happened.


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