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Strategy 101

Creating a small or large online strategy whether it’s strictly online or in support of other marketing efforts for your campaign can be taunting. If this is your first strategy or 100th, this outline is a good review to get your strategy. For every campaign that approaches, it’s easy to get lost in the amount of research, data and plans you want to execute. But let’s dive deeper and focus on the tactics within each stage of your strategy.

Organize your campaigns based on your findings from previous years. What was the goal then? What is the goal now?

For all channels be sure to review, decide what to change this year, and implement:

  • Layout/Design/Photos
  • Colors
  • Call to actions
  • Links
  • All organic and promoted content on Social Networks
  • Emails
    • Audience sent to
    • Time and Day sent
    • What was the goal of the emails
  • Landing pages user experience
  • Any additional content pieces
  • SEO worthy content
  • Thank you page
  • Email follow-up plan – What’s the next communication strategy for this new buyer/user?
  • A/B tests – record it into your library

Reviewing takes time and analyzing what worked and what didn’t work. Doing so, will help create your future strategies. I find it helpful to do a report of your findings after your campaign ends to keep a record. Sometimes even having all the digital files available can be exhausting to go through again¬†when all you need is a quick review at your hands.

Happy researching and good luck on your strategy!

How do you prep your strategy?


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