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What with Instagram Stories?


By now, you heard about the new feature of Instagram stories. If you haven’t started playing around with the feature, open the app now. Seriously, open it. You’re opening up a new way to talk to your audience.

Make sure the Instagram app is also up-to-date to ensure you’re receiving this awesome new feature. You can either figure Instagram Stories out yourself or read How to Create Instagram Stories.

Users are finding it easy to use and view these stories. I took 5 mins going through about 400 of users I follow and only about 20 users were using it. Take advantage of this real estate. It’s a huge opportunity to get to show something valuable to your audience.

I found it interesting to see how different brands, “Instagram” celebrities and my friends post their unique stories. The best stories I have seen are the brands, companies, and organizations. I say this because it really gives the user an opportunity to see something raw, authentic and live instead of the hours of work being put into lighting, colors, placement for the perfect Instagram photo.

I know you’re already thinking – “Great, now I have to think of more time to invest in thinking of what type of content to post for an Instagram story” well, your followers are waiting for you to post something, so work in 15 mins to brainstorm something awesome for your followers to watch. Tell your story. Make it a compelling one, make it stick, make someone feel good about what they just watched, give the viewer some value out of the 5 seconds they’ve invested in watching your story.

Quick Instagram Stories Notes:

  • You can edit your story
  • Create as many stories as your want to add to your story queue
  • You can save your story for other content
  • Your story last for 24 hrs
  • Users can’t comment but they can direct message you
  • You can hide your story from certain users
  • You only have 10 seconds to create your story
  • Add some filters, colors, text and other fun stuff
  • View # and which users who viewed your story – dive deeper into this for a better analysis for future content stories

Content Story Ideas:

  1. A tour of the office. Basically a place to show them behind the scenes of the amazing stuff your business is doing. Make the user feel like it’s exclusive, exciting and wishing they were with you at that exact moment.
  2. Interview a client, customer or friend. With your product placement in mind keeping it still friendly and exclusive. Take the opportunity to talk about a new feature, or why they like something.
  3. Tell your brand’s story. It’s always fun for a user to see how everything comes into place. We all like some form of surprise right? Create a story they can relate to and remind them why they love your brand so much again. Surprise them.


Those are really the obvious ones to start with and I can’t wait to see what other brands will do in the coming months as the holiday season begins to ramp up. Keep your story fun, informative, and exclusive. Your users will watch!

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